Hopeful Dreamer

Dear Tim- 

So glad you've decided to branch out cause lately I've been having some very vivid and weird dreams. 

First dream I dream that I'm waking up in my home and as a walk into the living room I notice my cats have climbed up on top of my piano and seem very focused on something happening below them in the dining room. I look in the dining room and notice that there is a menagerie of wild animals streaming in and out of my kitchen and dining room. There are foxes, pigs, moles, rabbits, bobcats, deer, goats and more a veritable Noahs Ark just calmly and politely checking out my house. The cats are not alarmed and actually seem to enjoy the show. I notice that I have left the back kitchen door open and that is how the animals got in. I gently shush all the animals out the back door and close it. 

Second dream starts with me putting a store bought rotisserie chicken in the oven to stay warm for lunch. I'm in an old flat style apartment. My son (I don't have one in real life) is complaining that he's hungry and can't wait for lunch so I give him one of the legs to tide him over until then. He's mad that I have to leave to take my aunt to her doctors appointment. I rush downstairs to meet my aunt. At the bottom of the stairs is an older couple talking to each across the hall. They are married but live in separate apartments. I'm waiting for my aunt but she never shows up. I call her and she asks me where I am. I tell her and wait some more but she still doesn't show. I decide to go back upstairs once again passing the older couple. When I get upstairs a credit card on the dining room table starts ringing. I answer it and it is my deceased mother calling. At the same time my cell phone rings, I tell my mother to hold on, answer the cell phone and it's my aunt telling me she's at the Doctors office. I'm mad she didn't tell me when I called her earlier. I hang up with her and continue talking to my mother on the credit card who said something to the effect that her sister (my aunt) was a bit of a scatterbrain. I hang up go to my room when an older man comes in and tells me to start packing because he is taking me, my daughter and my aunt on a private jet to Europe. I look out the window and see the jet being loaded up. 

What do you make of these Tim? 

Hopeful Dreamer 

Dear Hopeful Dreamer, 
Of course it is impossible for any one but the dreamer to accurately decode a dream. These days, I am thinking that the dreams that seem important are movies that our subconscious make for us. Their purpose is to ease us into looking at things we need to realize about ourselves that our conscious selves can't quite handle yet. I think that our subconscious makes use of all that untapped brain power we are always hearing about. That it can actually figure outcomes to some extent as well as harbor fears and desires. 
The first dream seems in a way to be about dreaming. The cats are your guide in this one. Their message is "when this happens, just observe and be interested." What is happening here, I think, is that your subconscious is entering your conscious world. We often see our subconscious as primitive or animal. It is the uncivilized thing. The wild. And in this dream you and your guides are literally looking down into the subconscious. The interesting thing is that, to some extent, you take the cats' cue and don't freak out. The gentle shushing out means that you are not ready to live with these things yet but you are not appalled by them. Some day they will come and stay and you will love their company and they will be put to work for you. You will see that their nature is yours. 
The second dream seems to be some kind of premonition. Your son is your guide or the narrator in this one. Of course, he is also you, as are all things in your dreams. He is upset that you are choosing to tend to what other people think is important over what is best for yourself. The leg you give him seems to me to be a symbol of power. The couple downstairs (the subconscious) are mysterious but my guess is that they are your divided self. Conscious/Unconscious? I don't know, but at least they are talking. Together they guard the door to your subconscious. Your aunt, in this dream, seems like she represents the shoulds and obligations of modern society. All this stuff we show up for but does not show up for us. The stuff that we put things on hold for. And it is giving you the run-around. 
The ancient notion of dead people is that they know everything. Your Mother, we must assume, is the voice of true reason, and is telling you that the course prescribed by society is not to be trusted. Plus, she is calling on a credit card. Money Calling! So a lot of this is about material concerns. The financial stability of your family and yourself. I don't know what Europe symbolizes for you but in this hemisphere it often hints at some sort of sophistication and tradition that is not usually available to us. 
The older man at the end may be the same person as your son. You, who were needy, now grown and able to provide abundance and what is best for every one, even your aunt. 
I think that this dream suggests that your financial independence is on it's way but will not come from where society is telling you to look. I think you will have some validation of this soon and it will encourage you to seek your own path. 
This all sounds very general and it is. These are just crude guesses at what may be going on. We do all share some archetypes. Some symbols are universal, but even the meaning of those change with circumstance. 

Live Your Dreams 
No One Else Can Do It For You 
Tim Foljahn

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