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Dear Tim, 

If a good-looking Grecian man (with questionable English) makes out with me in bi-monthly intervals sends this text: “I hope we are always friends and more (with a smiley face) - I like you.” Does he really like me or does he just want to bone me before I leave the Mediterranean? I like him, and I made that pretty clear by replying, "Thank you! I like you too" (with a dumb smiley face). No, I wouldn't mind a ride around the boneyard but I'd prefer something more long-term. Do you suggest we draw our feelings out in the sand? 

Lost in Translation 

Dear Lost, 

You are obviously a charming person with a great sense of humor. So, I will give it to you straight: 

He definitely just wants to bone you before you leave the Mediterranean. BUT that does not mean he doesn't really like you. They are not mutually exclusive. That's as far as my mind reading powers will take us in search of the Grecian's feelings. 

However, your feelings are even more of a mystery. Not minding a ride around the boneyard does not sound like you are crazy hot for this guy to start with. So, of course, this is more about what you want than what he wants. 
It sounds like something more long term would mean something long distance. If you don't trust that he's genuine now, that's not likely to change in a long distance relationship. If you are looking for a long distance relationship, you could ask yourself just how much of a relationship you are looking for. 
And it seems like maybe you are over the just hooking up thing. You want more! That's a great place to be. The problem is nothing comes without risk. But if you cherish and obey your desires and take full responsibility for them you will reap rewards regardless of the outcome. 

Here is my suggestion: 
If you are really attracted to this guy, ( If you are not, stop here. Go get a massage and never think about it again ) arrange some time together. A good chunk of open ended time. Not the last day before you leave, either. Bring your very best self. Open. Confident. Well aware of your own innate charm. Talk. A lot. Language barriers crumble before desire. Ask anything you want. Answer honestly. Really hear what he tells you. You will know in your heart if he is just a player. ( not that there's anything wrong with that ) And you can decide if you want to play or not. He may be a very good player. Who knows? Listen to your gut. Not what you would like to believe to make a story line work out or to protect yourself from emotional risk. What you are really seeing and feeling. If you get the creeps, leave. If he gets pissy because you're not being how he wants you to be, leave. If he is rude to the waiter, leave. Stay alert. Don't get wasted. Be careful by all means. But if you find that it is a pleasure just being with this person and it appears it is the same for him, then I suggest you go to someplace private (or not, I don't wish to presume) and bring all your god given talents to bear on a ride around the boneyard. Or just being together alone and seeing what happens. Seeing what you want. With your whole and open self, unencumbered by thoughts of what it could turn into, knowing you just really wanted to be where you are. 

Love Yourself 
Nobody Can Do It For You, 
Tim Foljahn

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