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Dear Tim, 

I’m feeling older and fatter everyday. In some ways I feel more attractive and more myself than ever, but my nagging inner critic insists that I should constantly be in a state of self improvement. It’s exhausting!!! How does a regular gal like me let her freak flag fly and not get swallowed by self doubt? 
Sexy Chubster 

Dear Sexy, 
This letter makes me so happy! Partly because you have answered your own question. Mostly because the phrase "I feel more attractive and more myself than ever" is maybe the most excellent thing you can hear some one say. 
I know there are very real health issues involved with weight gain, but I doubt you'd be feeling attractive if you were having trouble making it up the stairs. I am also assuming you are not a hundred pound twenty year old. Plus I get the feeling you are far too exceptional to be just a regular gal. Just a guess. 
That said, here's a bit of advice. And this is good for every one. Nagging inner critics are Assholes. They would have us think that self-criticism is the only way to self improvement. Bullshit. It's the only way to stay a self critical person. It's the only way to keep yourself down. It’s exhausting!!! 
Treat yourself like you would treat some one that you really love and you will start to see yourself as some one that deserves unconditional love. As you, Sexy, are already starting to do. I know you know already. You are totally in a state of self improvement. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, But you cannot hide anymore. Be you. You are excellent. 

Love Yourself 
Nobody Can Do It For You, 
Tim Foljahn

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